The Baby Effect

The Baby Effect

It has been quite a while since I made a post, and I have done so many exciting designs in the last few months! Today I want to show you a logo design I did for brand new company “The Baby Effect”, based in Stellenbosch and owned by mum to twin girls, Lucille Kirsten. What a pleasure to work with such a dedicated parent and creative mind! Here is what Lucille had to say about her new project:

“I left a corporate setting after the birth of my twin girls because my heart forever settled outside the comfort of my own ribcage into the tiny beating chambers of my babies’ hearts. I followed my heart right into the eye of motherhood…the eye of the storm. That place where I am fully present and connected to my children. I decided that I wanted to create a space for deeper connection for other mums, dads and their bubbas when something is lost in translation. In amongst the sporadic sleep, cold half drunk cups of coffee, unfinished conversations, dirty diapers, inexplicable bouts of passionate crying and the wonder of whether you’re getting it right at ALL?
And I’m using food as a gateway to it!”

The Baby Company is planning some exciting baby events, the first of which launches this coming Valentines day – Baby Cinema at the Oude Libertas Amphitheatre in Stellenbosch. See all the details on the flyer below.

If you are a parent in the Stellenbosch region, be sure to follow The Baby Effect on Facebook to get updated on all the latest events.

Baby Cinema Flyer

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