O yes, this is why I love my job!

I have just finished a 35 year celebration book for High School Stellenbosch. It got delivered today and reminded me why my job is so wonderful. Paging through the 100 glossy pages (containing more than 1100 photographs), getting high on the smell of ink fresh off the press… Or maybe the high was more from the moment of truth after so many many hours working on the layout.

It is the kind of job that kind of takes over your life (and the life of your client!) while you are busy with it. But what an absolutely lovely product we have created! It is such a privilege to be a part of a project that celebrates education that is more than just science and maths. It is amazing to see the hopeful face of every child and know that this is a person with a solid foundation to grow up and make a change in the world. Maybe it is just the high of the ink talking…maybe not. Maybe I should rather just show you! Here are a few pages from the book:

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